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The Council

Luther Smith, a newly elected county councilman, is determined to make a difference for his constituents. Unfortunately, he’s ill-prepared for the corruption, incompetence, and lunacy of his fellow councilmembers. Lisa Hogan, a down-on-her-luck single mom and avid naturalist, discovers that developers plan to raze the last tract of forest in the county. Facing a dysfunctional bureaucracy, corrupt politicians, and lazy journalists, Luther and Lisa form a growing bond as they attempt to navigate the legislative labyrinth, mobilize the community, and attempt to save the forest.  

Praise for The Council:

“The Council paints an all-too accurate picture of local government. Elected officials would do well to follow the footsteps (while avoiding the stumbling) of the main character, Luther.”
- Justin Zimmer, Mayor of Emporium, PA

“You may think this story is full of absurdity and exaggeration, but I assure you, it is frighteningly close to reality. And that's precisely what makes this book so hilarious.”
- Local Councilman who was told to remain anonymous by the Ethics Commission

“To the casual reader, The Council may seem an over-the-top satire of local politics. But as someone who has run for local office, Weber hits a little too close to home with his portrayal of local politicians and how the "sausage" is made.  Anyone involved in local politics will recognize some, if not all, the players, and maybe even recognize themselves in this story.” 
- Robb Tufts, 2006 candidate for Anne Arundel County Council

“The Council is an enjoyable read with laugh out loud moments, complete with farcical scenes that at times ring uncomfortably true. The story captures how it feels to be an optimist working for change in local government and brings a healthy dose of skepticism to both the dedicated activists that literally can’t see the forest through the trees as well as to the convoluted machinations of career politicians.” 
- K. K. Mullin, environmental instructor and coordinator 

The Survivors

In a calamitous future, runaway climate change has made the planet nearly uninhabitable. Civilization has collapsed, and every day is a struggle. Lucy, a young mother of two, dreams of a better life by bringing back vanished knowledge. But the rest of her group is focused only on day-to-day survival—at any price. When a deadly hurricane destroys their home, Lucy’s group is forced on the road, where they must cope with hunger, searing temperatures, and vicious rivals. And their nightmare is just beginning…   

This book contains scenes with horror, violence, and gore, and may not be suitable for all readers. 

Praise for The Survivors:

"A 5 STAR RATING and a spot on the Wall of Fame! A great and complex story."
- Damaged Skull


"A disturbing and memorable story."
- John Moralee, author of The Boneyard and Journal of the Living

"Bleak, unsettling, and totally brutal."
- Yolanda Sfetsos, author of The Bone Factory, The Wired City, and Wall of Dolls


"There were multiple moments while I was reading that my mouth flew open in disbelief, which is a good thing, I love books that chew you up and get you just staring blankly at the page unable to process what the hell just happened."
- OhNoBooks

Born in Salt is available as a trade paperback and in various electronic formats:

Born in Salt

Fifty years after a coup replaced President Franklin D. Roosevelt with a fascist dictatorship, America is a land of hopelessness. Ben Adamson, a 19-year-old farm boy in southern Illinois, wants only to spend his time fishing and hunting. But when his dead brother demands justice for his suspicious fate, Ben and Rachel, his brother’s fiancée, are drawn into an underground revolutionary movement.

After staging a rally against the war, Ben and Rachel are arrested by the Internal Security Service, who have perfected the science of breaking people. Ben is given a choice: betray the rebels, including his best friend from childhood, or Rachel will be lobotomized. 

Although traumatized and addicted to a powerful drug, Ben refuses to doom anyone he cares about. Can he find a third option? Can he free Rachel and strike back at the dictatorship, while dodging the suspicions of police and rebels alike? 

Praise for Born in Salt:

"Both cerebral dystopia and cat-and-mouse thriller, Born in Salt succeeds on every level. The political commentary is incisive but never bludgeoning, helped considerably by a relatable protagonist. Constantly faced with lesser-of-two-evils choices, Ben tries hard to do the right thing nonetheless. Throughout, Weber expertly adds layers of suspicion and paranoia, complicating relationships and ratcheting up the tension... Its appeal transcends any ideology, with a desperate story of love and conflicting loyalties that builds breathlessly to a satisfying reckoning certain to keep readers hooked to the final page."
- BlueInk Review

"In the alternate history world of Born in Salt, the depiction of the banality of evil is as fitting as it is chilling." 
- Foreword Reviews

Zero-Day Rising is available as a trade paperback and in various electronic formats:

Zero-Day Rising

Kiyoko resolves to free her sister and bring down President Rand and MediaCorp. However, MediaCorp unleashes its ultimate plan: direct mind control with cerebral implants. Can Kiyoko and Waylee’s team stop them? Can they penetrate MediaCorp’s networks and end the company’s grip over humanity? All while eluding the biggest manhunt in history, in a country where everyone and everything is under surveillance?

Praise for Zero-Day Rising:

"A very clever novel... Weber has an excellent command of writing a diverse, varied set of characters."
- Cyberpunk Matrix


"T.C. Weber's latest cyberpunk adventure offers everything you could want."
- Analog

"Full of action packed scenes and thrills... You won't want to miss this one or any in the series."
- Novel News Network


"One of the things I enjoyed the most about this story was how well-developed and intriguing the characters were. Kiyoko and her team are all given the same amount of attention to detail and well thought out quirks and flaws, making each character likable and three-dimensional."
- Readers' Favorite


"The stakes have gotten higher and higher. You won't want to miss this conclusion."
- Texas Book Nook

"Zero Day Rising is a gritty technothriller that I would recommend to anyone who is interested in examining the dangerous ways information can be used against humanity. Or even for anyone just looking for a thrilling cyber-adventure."

- Literary Titan

The Wrath of Leviathan is available as a trade paperback and in various electronic formats:

The Wrath of Leviathan

In Wrath of Leviathan, the second book of the BetterWorld trilogy, Waylee faces life in prison for daring to expose Media Corporation’s schemes to control the world. Her reality-challenged sister Kiyoko, her increasingly unhinged boyfriend Pel, and juvenile hacker genius Charles are hiding in São Paulo, Brazil, and trying to challenge MediaCorp’s monopoly over virtual reality and commerce. But a team of ruthless mercenaries and corrupt cops are after the trio, and are closing in fast. Meanwhile, MediaCorp and their government allies seek to quash the rebellion Waylee started, and tighten a grip over the world that could last for millennia.

Praise for The Wrath of Leviathan:

"With a compelling and diverse cast, great pacing, and near-future cyberpunk gunfights, T.C. Weber’s Wrath of Leviathan will keep you entertained all the way to the end."
- T. Eric Bakutis, author of Supremacy's Shadow and Tales of the Five Provinces.

"This second book in a trilogy features the same interesting characters, but with added emotional depth, thrown into a situation made more alarming as they struggle with the consequences of Sleep State Interrupt. Loyalty and betrayal must be constantly negotiated in both real time and in virtual reality. This book is smart, political, and disturbingly current."

- Sherri Cook Woosley, author of Walking Through Fire 


"Continuous action... Every new chapter unveils something new about the characters and a new twist to the story."
- Literary Titan

"Solid storytelling and imagination... A fantastic setting... I had the hardest time putting it down."
- Texas Book Nook

"Entertaining and well-written... The universe is detailed and vibrant."
- Indie Express

"Captivating... Read the whole story in only a few short days."
- Novel News Network

"I loved this book! The author stayed true to the sci-fi genre, but managed to incorporate thrills, drama, and even some laughs."
- On A Reading Bender

Praise for Sleep State Interrupt:

"Exceptionally well written, Sleep State Interrupt is a gritty, darkly humorous techno-thriller with flawed, believable characters, a taut, compelling plot, and a lot to say about the present-day USA. Highly recommended."

- Zeke Teflon, author of Free Radicals


"Sleep State Interrupt is near-future cyberpunk done right, featuring a diverse cast in a disturbingly plausible future. In a world where corporate, political, and media interests are aligned, a few courageous hackers risk their lives to change the broken system."

- T. Eric Bakutis, author of Supremacy's Shadow and Tales of the Five Provinces


"Journalism is changing at warp speed. In Sleep State Interrupt, T. C. Weber gives us a glimpse into what covering politics might be like in the future.  But as you'll see, even as technology changes, human nature doesn't. And that makes for a thoroughly enticing tale."

- John DeDakis, former White House correspondent, former editor for CNN's "The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer," and author of the novels Fast TrackBluff, and Troubled Water.


"I thoroughly enjoyed reading Sleep State Interrupt. A fast paced tale ... with a moral perspective. The digital game addict, Kiyoko, is a fictional masterpiece."

- Carolivia Herron, host of Epic City on WOWD-LP 94.3 FM and award-winning literature scholar and author


"In Sleep State Interrupt, Waylee and her radical friends must run, hack, and cosplay to fight a terrifying concentration of power and cronyism. Readers will hold tight through Waylee's roller coaster states and cheer her on."

- Sherri Woosley, author of Walking Through Fire

Sleep State Interrupt

2017 Compton Crook Finalist for best first science fiction novel!

In Sleep State Interrupt, a giant media corporation has taken over the Internet, created an addictive virtual reality called BetterWorld, and controls nearly all information. Politicians do their bidding and a brainwashed humanity serves a privileged few.


Waylee Freid, an unemployed Baltimore journalist with ever-worsening bipolar disorder, is the only hope for a brighter future. She and her countercultural friends bust a notorious teenage hacker out of jail and sneak into a closed presidential fundraiser at the Smithsonian castle, where they hope to record incriminating admissions that will wake up the world. Hunted by Homeland Security, Waylee and her friends must reach a sufficient audience by broadcasting their video during the Super Bowl. But to do so, they'll have to break into one of the most secure facilities ever built.

Sleep State Interrupt is available as a trade paperback and in various electronic formats:

Coming soon: 

The Others

We know a lot less than we think we do about life on Earth.

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